EHC System Evaluations

ehc system diagnostics

Hydra-Lube is now capable of performing full EHC System Evaluations that can be done while the unit is still online. We have a series of test listed below that once performed can pin point problems within the system. They can then be traced back to their source, where they are evaluated to determine if immediate actions are required. If these specific components are not damaged but require maintenance, they can be better prepared to be rebuilt, or replaced during the next outage. Versus having to wait for the unit to come down risking the chance of a forced outage and the system disassembled and inspect.

System cleanliness evaluation includes the following and may be performed while unit is online.

Fluid sample testing:

  • Varnish potential, color and weight
  • Karl Fisher (H2O)
  • Ultra-Centrifuge
  • Particle count
  • Acid (TAN)

Filters inspection:

  • Pump discharge filter evaluation
  • Servo Strainer evaluation.
  • Spector analysis of contamination found in filters.

Reservoir Evaluation:

  • Bore scope reservoir, with photographs.

System Operating Condition:

  • Flow rate measurements will be done at all actuators. These measurements will give the customer data that will determine if there is excessive fluid bypass in each actuator and sub-components that operate the actuator, Dump Valve, Servo Valve, Solenoid Valve.
  • Pump discharge flow rates are measured to determine if the system has excessive leakage in hydraulic operators.
  • Pump Case Drain flow is measured to determine if system pumps have excessive wear in rotating group.
  • Emergency Trip System flow rates are measured to determine Electronic Trip Valve wear in spools.
  • Acid Control/ Side stream flow rates are measured to determine if the correct amount of flow is entering the acid control filter.
  • Heat Exchangers differential temperature is measured on waterside and fluid side of heat exchanger to determine if the heat exchanger is working properly.
  • Accumulator nitrogen charge.