HPU Upgrades

HPU Upgrade

Upgrades designed and installed by Hydra-Lube:

Our newly designed smart upgrades are intended to modernize your EHC skid. This smart upgrade will display real time conditions changing the way EHC systems and its key components are monitored throughout the industry. In return this will allow predicted and reactive maintenance to be executed greatly reducing down time.

  • Designed to be easily installed on most GE systems:
    • Smart VPMA upgrade
    • FV 45 flow control manifold upgrade
    • Solenoid manifold upgrade
    • Servo manifold upgrade
    • Des-Case breather upgrade
    • Fullers Earth filter housing cover upgrade
  • Designed to be easily installed on most Westinghouse systems
    • Reservoir access doors
    • High filter manifold upgrade
    • Positive displacement pump upgrades
  • Additional upgrades
    • Accumulator charger/discharge manifold upgrade
    • Membrane dry air Blanket upgrade
    • Electro static Fluid conditioner upgrade
    • Clean Vent upgrade
    • Acid control and fluid conditioner upgrade
    • Plate cooler upgrades

complete smart HPU upgrade