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Hydralube offers professional Lube Oil Flushing, Partical Counts and on site Lab Services for EHC & MHC, Steam Turbines, Nuclear Turbines, Gas Turbines and Gas Unit Systems - Our crew is ready 24/7 World Wide.


Vacuum Dehydration Systems

Our Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems are designed to effectively remove free, emulsified and dissolved water, particulate, and gaseous contamination from petroleum and synthetic based fluids. By the physical principle of vacuum dehydration you can remove 100% of free and emulsified water; 90% of dissolved water, air, gasses. Water content can be reduced to less than 25 PPM and reduce particulate down to ISO 14/12/9 levels.

* Extend the life of all you rotation equipment.
* Eliminate downtime associated with contaminated fluids.
* Raise dielectric vales in dielectric fluids.
* Maximize you oil’s life.


* Flow rates from 1 to 100 GPM
* NEMA 4 and NEMA 7 Explosion Proof
* Voltages from 240V Single Phase to 480V Three Phase
* Fluid transfer hoses and electrical cords included.
* Simple to use and portable.
* Buna or Viton® Seals.

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