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Welcome to Hydralube Inc.

As of February 2017, Barry Sibul Company assets was acquired by Hydralube Inc. Hydralube Inc and BSC are now 1 company providing the Power Generation Industry EHC support that other companies can not provide. We have combined our Custom EHC Products to give the Power Generation Industry a list of products that will increase EHC system reliability. Our custom products have been providing predictive maintenance for over 15 years.

We are recognized as the specialist in providing unique services and products specializing in Hydro, Fossil, Nuclear and Combine Cycle Turbines Control systems. Our products are currently installed in more than 600 units throughout the world. Our EHC field services have been performed on 2000 plus units ranging from General Electric, Westinghouse, Siemens, AC, BB, Toshiba and Hitachi Turbines.

The Solution to all your EHC needs.

Forced Outages

EHC Systems are a major contributor to forced outages throughout the Power Generating Industry and our objective is to reduce this percentage shown in statistics calculated over the years of these “at one time reliable” systems.

We have designed a product line of new upgrades that are easily installed to older systems or complete smart HPU replacement that will optimize the efficiency of your systems filtration and operation.

We have also developed a very unique flushing procedure that if permitted to preform our complete system flush, including oil conversions guarantee a clean and healthy system so that it regains the reputation of a reliable system once again.

Ability to Comply with Specific Site Qualification and Requirements

Over the years Hydra-Lube has been able to uphold a clean on-site safety record that we are very thankful and proud of. Safety is the number one priority NO MATTER what, both at home and while at work. The industry and environment that we work in day to day has greatly improved over the years when it comes to safety but still has the risk for hazards and accident to occur and as a worker it’s our duty to follow and participate in all safety practices. Some of the human performance tools we use and have picked up along the way are PEER CHECKING, 2-MINUTE RULE, 3-WAY COMMUNICATION and our favorite S.T.A.R Stop Think Act and Review.

Employees of Hydra-Lube must be able to pass a Background Check along with a Drug and Alcohol screening before being employed. Once hired each employee must read and sign our Employee Handbook agreeing to comply with all rules and report anything that may change the status of your background record. They must also strictly abide by our companies Safe Work Policy and Practices. In addition to Hydra-Lube’s company policies, employees are required to uphold yearly renewed training and certifications such as: Safety Council, TappeSafe, TWIC and Any Other Site Specific Training required to enter work sites of facilities.