How do I know if I have gel in my EHC system?

By inspecting the reservoir, if there is a ring around the fluid level that is a sign. If you have a servo valve fail, remove the strainer and inspect for contamination.

How do I remove gel and varnish from my EHC system?

The only sure way is to dissolve everything and remove it from the system using a cleaning agent.

What is resistivity in fluid?

Resistivity is a major contributor to Servo valve failure. This is streaming electrons. Electrolysis in the fluid. Generally the damage is done in the torque motor of the servo valve this is were the fluid flows from the nozzle to the flapper in the servo valve (Moog)

Why does my fluid sample report show a clean system, but my fluid is black?

Fluid may become dark in color and the cause remain undetectable due to sub micron particles from varnish and the thermal degradation of the oil. These submicron particles will not appear in your normal laser counted sample reports.

Why do I need upgrades on my EHC system?

If your system has any age to it like most of them out there, it could be time to evaluate your system and verify it is up to date and running efficiently. Technology has given us the ability to make small changes and upgrades to these older system that increases their reliability and life span without having to replace the entire HPU and all its components.