HPU Upgrades

Upgrading your system now eliminates the need to cut cost later due to costly unexpected repairs, obsolete parts and overspending from lack of efficiency. Upgrade package that are easily installed, like the newly designed smart Vertical Pump Motor Assembly (VPMA) have revolutionized EHC systems. The technology used to integrate features such as the digital display used to monitor real time conditions have surpassed the modern day.

EHC flush

High velocity oil flushes are intended to remove contaminates that may have entered a system or to aid in properly converting from one type of operating fluid to another. Before preforming an EHC flush an assessment to determine the current condition of the system is required. This will ensure the adequate equipment is used to safely and successfully execute a complete EHC system flush.

Oil filtration

Hydra-lube specializes in oil filtration that can be perform on or off-site and in some cases even while the system is still online. We have a wide variety of unique equipment that when combined with the right filter and desired micron filtration size, can bring your fluid back into required specifications. Eliminating costly hazardous waste disposal and the expense of having to replace with new oil.

Vacuum Dehydration

Our Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems are designed to effectively remove free, emulsified and dissolved water, particulate, and gaseous contamination from petroleum and synthetic based fluids. These cost efficient portable units can be used to help keep your system online until the next scheduled outage along with many other applications.


HVOF or high velocity oil flush are performed on larger systems such the turbine lube oil and seal oil system. Main purpose of these HVOF are to remove any abrasive contaminates or foreign material that have been introduced to lubricating system. If not properly removed and flushed from the entire system catastrophic damage may occur forcing the turbine to be shut down for costly repairs.

EHC System

Diagnostic tests are preformed allowing the customer to view real time information. The information collected will be analyzed to determine the current operating conditions. This will help with preventative maintenance on their system. Along with the ability to be more prepared for upcoming outages when a system requires corrective actions to eliminate or prevent component failure.

Side Stream system

We can custom build a side stream system specifically for your units capacity, as well as portable units.

If you’re questioning whether or not your existing system is efficient enough, or if you are having specific problems such as high particulate, water, or acid levels that you just can’t control please contact us. It’s our goal to ensure our customers have a well-conditioned system that operates flawlessly.

Actuator Repair

Hydra-Lube Inc. offers a repair program that will allow the customer to track the history and condition of all the actuators on the EHC system. This program will give the customer detailed information of each actuator and help to make decisions in replacing major components during a scheduled outage..